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I am the blonde one in the photo surrounded by the three people that make my world go round. Photography has been an obsession of mine long before my husband bought me my first "real" camera as a wedding gift. My son inspired me to start documenting our days although it wasn't until I unexpectedly lost my mom that I really acquired a great appreciation for a simple photograph. I have only a handful of photos of my mom and they are so special to me. Life can pass us by so quickly and photography has been my way of stopping time. 


I am a mama to two little ones who share the same birthday 5 years apart.

I am married to a French Canadian ( I wanted bilingual babies... and the poutine ). 

We spend our winters in Europe and our summer months in Canada between Alberta and Quebec.

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We have lived in ten different cities in the past ten years.

Sometimes I miss home and the Canadian winters but I am not ready to settle down or grow up, whatever you want to call it.

After traveling all over the world I can say that my favourite place is and always will be the rocky mountains.

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